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“After a stint in rehab I made a decision to follow all the suggestions given to me, something I had not done in the past. I needed to get out of the environment I was in and moved 750 miles to continue my recovery at launch pad, It has been the best decision of my life. Thanks in large part to Erica, Sarah, Will and Jamie I have found a new way to live and have successfully transitioned to 'civilian' life as a productive member of society. Most importantly a life free from active addiction and peace of mind. Words alone can't express the gratitude I have for launch pad."


"Following a full year of treatment for my addiction, I came to Launchpad as a transitional step in my recovery. Personally, in order for me to stay clean I need accountability, structure, peer support and social interaction. Launchpad provides those things, and is encompassed by people who support my recovery, goals, spirituality, and overall well being. Living in a Launchpad house has provided me with independent living in a safe and sober environment. In my recovery it is vital to be surrounded by peers who fully understand my commitment and are on the same journey - social gatherings are encouraged and have offered me lack of isolation. The friendships I have made and the network I have created here in Wilmington, NC are priceless. I am so grateful to be living a 'new way of life' and for Launchpad."


“Launchpad saved my life! The structure provided taught me how to live like a responsible, functioning adult. I now have almost 18 months clean thanks to the safe environment Launchpad provides for those wanting and willing to better themselves. I couldn’t thank them enough!”
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