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Launch Pad, Inc

Structured Recovery Residences in
Wilmington, NC & Myrtle Beach, SC
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Our goal is to promote and foster an environment of recovery, so our members can be empowered to fall in love with recovery and successfully participate in society.


Our mission is to be a resource of hope and motivating instruction in the lives of our members. The Launch Pad system includes behavioral support and facilitated workshops to help restore values that may have been compromised by substance use or dependence. Structured living, teaching modules, and recovery program.

G. Wayne Ray Jr., MSW, LCSW, LCAS, CCS

Founder, August 03, 1963 – August 30, 2021

Arriving in Wilmington with only a trash bag of belongings in search of a twelve-step meeting, Wayne was simply one of many addicts seeking a life never thought possible in active addiction. The city of Wilmington has always been a destination for those seeking recovery, but Wayne was an instrumental figure in the recovery house movement battling for the right to live in city limits & reintegrate to society. His passion and commitment to stay in the center of recovery became instrumental in creating the recovery mecca Wilmington is today. 

Wayne Ray, founder of Launch Pad, Inc

Driven by his belief in God and desire to stop hurting those he loved, Wayne finally surrendered, June 29, 1996, committing himself to a life of recovery. The combination of his scholastic endeavors and his personal experience of recovery house living, sparked the dream of launching a program that would do more than provide shelter. By utilizing the healing properties of social engagement in action, Wayne envisioned an environment of empowerment, which would enable members to fall in love with recovery. The groundwork of Launch Pad was firmly built to combat the isolation of addiction and encourage community.  Launch Pad’s first recovery house opened in 2001. Wayne’s sponsor, Andy Mann, contributed as a word smith and operated admissions. His devoted wife, Lori, organized and supported the mission behind the scenes.


In August 2021, Wayne met God at the pearly gates with his infinite chip. At that time, Launch Pad Structured Recovery Living, operated 23 houses with over 200 beds for men and women. As we aim for new horizons and tackle new challenges, Wayne’s vision will move us forward with vigilance and perseverance. Launch Pad continues to thrive, as our core leaders uphold the mission, to help those seeking a life never thought possible, by providing a safe and structured home to hear the lifesaving message of recovery. 

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